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The Cutler
Joe Scott &
Tanja Wilcox


Director, Executive Producer, Writer & Narrator - Chris Morgan

Producers - Brenda Phillips, Chris Morgan

Director of Photography - Brenda Phillips

Editors - Doug Lyons, Brenda Phillips

Location Sound - Brenda Phillips

Production Advisor - Jennifer Senkler

Production Assistance - Darcy Riggins-Schmidt, Alan Lacy, Jenni Minier

Field Production Assistant - Abbie Miller

Motion Graphics - Doug Lyons

Studio Sound - David Brown, Spinner Audio

Assistant Sound Editor - James Bretz

Legal Counsel - Mike Blaha

Transcriptions - Sam Morgan



Additional footage courtesy:

Derek Reich/Zöoprax Productions

John Shier, 45 North Films

Wayne Kasworm, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Tim Manley, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks


Pond 5

Nature Footage

'Saturn' Written and Performed by Sleeping At Last
Additional Music Supplied By MusicForProductions.com


Still photographs by:

Roger Christophersen

Concrete Herald

Pat Lathrop

National Park Service

Joe Sebille


Special Thanks:

Wayne Kasworm

Tim Manley

Matt Rudolf

Joe Scott

Rob Smith

John Shier

Derek Reich

Ryan O’Neal, Sleeping At Last

The Town and People of Libby, Montana

Libby High School
Jean Anfossi

Spotted Bear Ranger Station

Bill Murphy

Anthony Bay

Our friends from WANTED: ‘Grizzly Bears?’


Anne Braaten

Scott Waller

Rory Trimbo

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks



The thoughtful local residents of Montana:


Don Clark

Doug Ferrell

Loretta Hoots

Tim Lindsey

Abbie Miller

Stacy Orr

Maizy Orr

Evelynn Orr

Gene Reckin

Bruce Vincent



How do you catch a grizzly bear, and why!? There are fewer than 10 grizzly bears left in the North Cascades in Washington State. Ecologist and bear expert Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC, National Geographic) hosts this entertaining and moving 13 minute film that shows us first hand how bear

populations can be saved by translocating them from one area to another. A story beautifully told, with pace, facts, and emotion. Please share it far and wide for the bear. Our mountains would be empty without them.

Some handy grizzly bear links:

Be heard: comment before March 14, 2017 on the government plan to restore grizzly bears to the North Cascades Mountains.

Support these bears and get involved. www.northcascadesgrizzly.org

Find out more about grizzly bears.

The Intergency Grizzly Bear Committee: www.igbconline.org

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